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The Institute For Translational Brain Research's first "Spring Run" kicks off with energy and vitality

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The Institute For Translational Brain Research's first "Spring Run" kicks off with energy and vitality

--basking in the warm sunshine, making the most of time, moving forward all the way with a dynamic start

Spring has come, and all things are reviving. On the morning of March 18th, 2023, the Institute For Translational Brain Research (referred to as the "ITBR") held the first "Spring Run" event in a unique way in Xuhui Binjiang. The event was a round trip of 3 kilometers, with two first prizes, two second prizes, and three third prizes. After publicity and mobilization, more than 20 teachers and students signed up to participate, including teachers, postdoctoral fellows, and students.

Before the event began, with enthusiastic music, Wang Nawen led everyone in a simple and warm-up activity, allowing their bodies to be fully prepared. With the command of "begin" from Xu Jinhong, all the athletes dashed out like arrows.

At first, everyone was still adjusting their breathing and pace. Along the Xuhui Binjiang, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery of spring made people feel comfortable, and their bodies gradually adapted to the rhythm of the exercise. Some ran lightly and quickly like the wind, while others moved forward patiently and persistently with slow steps. The athletes were either exchanging their running experiences, admiring the scenery on the opposite side, or silently enjoying the pleasure of running alone. During the running process, everyone kept adjusting their breathing and pace, feeling the changes in their bodies and the rhythm of the exercise. Running seems to be a challenge to oneself, requiring overcoming difficulties and fatigue; running is also like a dialogue with nature, requiring mutual integration with beautiful scenery and breath.

When the participants reached the final stage of the race, they saw the display and the red line raised at the finish line. At this moment, everyone ignited their desire to sprint, and tried their best to rush over the red line. The cheers of "come on, come on!" occasionally came from their ears, and the participants encouraged each other, using their last strength to sprint towards the finish line. The athletes' breathing became rapid, and the fatigue felt by their bodies became even stronger, but their eyes were still locked on the red line of the finish. As the race entered the last few meters, the participants had already exerted their speed to the extreme. Finally, when they crossed that red line, excitement and joy filled their bodies. Everyone had red faces, celebrating their own victories, and congratulating others on their success.

At the tense and exciting award ceremony, PI Li Weiguang, wearing sports clothes and a smile, came on stage to present the awards. He first announced the winners of the third prize, student Li Liang, Gao Shuai, and Ding Ning. The three students walked up to the award podium one by one, received the exquisite sports water cup, and took a photo with joy while holding the prize. Then, Dr. Cai Yuqun announced the winners of the second prize, PI Li Weiguang and student Li Jie. They won a scientific sports bracelet by persisting in the competition. Finally, student Wang Nawen and Postdoc. Zhao Jiaxu won the long-awaited first prize, a full set of "Neuroscience" series of books with academician Duan Shumin's signature. Their brilliant smiles seemed to illuminate the entire event.

After the awards ceremony, all the contestants and volunteers happily took a group photo together. They formed three rows, waving colorful cards, and posed with smiles and various poses, sharing the joy and fun of the sport.

In this event, everyone encouraged and supported each other, showing a spirit of unity, cooperation, and striving for the summit. This "Spring Run" event not only allowed everyone to experience the joy of exercise but also made everyone feel the power of teamwork, reflecting the vitality and energy of the teachers and students of ITBR.

We hope that activities like this can be organized as a series, to pass on the spirit of sports and cooperation, and to make more teachers and students understand and pay attention to their physical health. By actively participating in various forms of physical exercise, they can relieve the pressures of work and study, release tension, and relax both body and mind, adding momentum to the creation of a healthy and happy life. Let's work together to add fuel to our pursuit of a happy life!

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