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The First Frontiers in Neuroscience Symposium on Fudan-Guanghua International Forum for Young Scholars

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Introduction to the Frontiers in Neuroscience Symposium

This sub-forum aims to build an academic exchange platform for outstanding young scholars at home and abroad in the field of neuroscience. Through the main forum special reports, sub-forum academic seminars and talent face-to-face communication, we will focus on the frontiers of neuroscience, discuss hot scientific issues, promote academic exchanges and cooperation, and gather global talents for the implementation of “Excellent 2025” talent introduction plan and “Super Postdoctoral” program of Fudan university.

Introduction to the Institute of Transformation of Brain Science

Established in July 2019, the Institute for Translational Brain Research (ITBR) of Fudan University is an independent research institution based on Shanghai Medical College, State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology and MOE Frontier Center for Brain Science. It is dedicated to basic and translational brain research. Professor Shumin Duan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, served as the first dean.

Dean Shumin Duan

The research fields of ITBR include: 1. Basic research: It is committed to clarifying the neural signal processing, brain development and plasticity, neural circuits and functions, brain disorders and neuromodulatory interventions, neuroimmunity, etc.; 2. Translational research: Through the combination with medicine, pharmacy, engineering and other disciplines, it’s committed to developing frontier technologies of brain science and its translation and application in basic brain research, brain functional modulation, artificial intelligence development, and the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, etc. ITBR participates in the construction plan of Shanghai high-level local colleges and universities, and operates under “Special Academic Region” authorizations. Huashan Hospital and Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University are well-known departments with abundant clinical resources for brain disease treatments in China. ITBR will give full play to the basic and clinical advantages of Fudan University, aiming to be an world-class research institution on basic and translational neuroscience.


Time: December 26th-27th , 2019

Venue: 1st/2ndConference Room, 2ndFloor, Zhidao Building, Fenglin Campus, Fudan University

Chairman: Academician Shumin Duan (Dean of ITBR)

Participating review experts: Ying Mao, Bo Song, Tianle Xu, Yousheng Shu, Wei Lu, Qiang Wu, Bo Peng, Zhicheng Shao, Tianlin Cheng

Conference Secretary: Yuqun Cai (Recorder), Shasha Li (Photographer)




December 25th

Registration (Accommodation Hotel)

Hope Hotel

(Zhaojiabang Road)

Morning of December 26th

Guanghua Young Scholars Forum

(Main Forum)

Handan Campus, Fudan University

Lunch on December 26th

provided by the main forum

Handan Campus, Fudan University

Afternoon of December 26th

Faculty introduction and opening of the sub-forum

The 1stmeeting room on the second floor of Zhidao Building, Fenglin Campus

Academic reports (PI candidates)

Dinner on December 26th

XiaoNanGuo restaurant

(Junyao Building)

Morning of December 27th

Academic reports

(PI candidates)

2ndmeeting room on the second floor of Zhidao Building, Fenglin Campus

Academic reports

(Super postdoctoral candidates)

Lunch on December 27th

West Garden Restaurant on the second floor of Fenglin Campus

Afternoon of December 27th

Visit the

Medical Research Building 2

Fenglin Campus,Fudan University

Talent negotiation

Specific address temporary


Dinner on December 27th

Yuxiang Love Sichuan restaurant

(Zhaojiabang Road)

Need to be determined

Address: Medical Research Building 2, 131, Dong'an Road, Shanghai

Tel: 021-54237056


Map: Follow the red arrow to reach the meeting room (the 1st/2ndmeeting room on the second floor of Zhidao Building, Fenglin Campus, Fudan University)