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PhD Candidate's Opening Report

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Jiahui Lv and Gaojie Pan are two doctoral students of Academician Shumin Duan, who enroll in September 2019. Accordance with the requirements of doctoral graduate training program in Fudan University, 9:00 am, May 30th, 2020, the supervisor Shumin Duan, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and several professors conduct a review of the opening report of these two doctoral students. The meeting was held in Meeting Room1311, Mingdao Building. This is the first meeting between students and professors after the new coronavirus epidemic. After returning to school and isolate for 14 days, the students can't wait for this opening report.

The two students reported in the form of PPT. The content of the report included the background and significance of their respective thesis topics, research plans, main references, thesis work plans, and review opinions of the supervisor.

The picture shows the Ph.D student Jiahui Lu is giving the opening report.

The picture shows the PhD student Pan Gaojie is giving the opening report.

During the reporting process of the two students, the experts put forward specific guidance and suggestions.The meeting lasted for nearly an hour. In the end, both of the students' opening reports passed the expert assessment and the meeting ended perfectly.

We look forward to the publication of the scientific research work of the two students, blessings!!!